Dreams Come True with Ausbildung in German

    In Kerala, many students dream big about higher education, especially going abroad. But often, money becomes a big hurdle for them. Here’s where Ausbildung in Germany shines bright! It’s a special program offering free education and even a student stipend.

    Ausbildung is like a golden ticket for students from common families. Imagine studying in a foreign land without worrying about fees! And that’s not all; students who have passed their 12th grade with a B2 qualification can join this program. Once you’re in, you receive a monthly stipend of at least 1 lakh rupees! It’s like getting paid to study.

    This opportunity is not just about education; it’s about fulfilling dreams. It’s about giving students from Kerala the chance to reach for the stars without financial worries. So, if you have the passion and the grades, why not consider Ausbildung in Germany? It might just be the key to unlocking your dreams!

    Unlike other study abroad programs, Ausbildung in Germany doesn’t require you to show money for accommodation or other expenses. You don’t need financial guarantees to join the program. It’s like a dream come true for students from Kerala because they can focus solely on their education without worrying about extra costs. So, while other programs might burden you with financial requirements, Ausbildung sets you free to chase your dreams without any financial barriers.

    Ausbildung in Germany offers monthly intake for jobs with 100% placement right after education, guaranteeing a minimum payment of 2.5 lakhs. PR processing follows immediately after job placement. With 300 course varieties available, there’s no pressure to choose a single stream, and regardless of your 12th-grade background, you can pursue Ausbildung Nursing or other fields like engineering, healthcare, IT, business, architecture, and hotel management, among others. Courses include mechatronics, aircraft mechanics, business administration, restaurant management, logistics, lab technicians, physiotherapists, and medical assistants. The age limit for the program is 27 years. Compared to other study abroad programs, Ausbildung stands out with its unique feature of getting paid while learning.

    To enroll in Germany’s Ausbildung program, you simply need a B2 certificate alongside your 12th-grade graduation, unlike other programs which often require additional English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

    As you know there are many German language study centers in and around your city. But what makes our language academy stand out is that we follow the ancient pure authentic Gurukulam model for education.
    Our Gurukulam system is meticulously crafted and overseen by educational experts with over 25 years of hands-on experience, ensuring its authenticity and excellence. In this century still has the power to bring all the students in a residential setup where they can study and stay in the same place. With all the necessary things with a good living atmosphere. With 24/7 guidance from experienced Language Faculties, students can focus solely on their studies, free from worries about food, accommodation, or travel. Parents can trust our system knowing their children are safe and well-supported by our dedicated faculty, both emotionally and educationally. Choose our Language Academy for an immersive and stress-free learning experience that honors tradition while embracing modern education.

    Our Language Academy offers a unique Gurukulam-style residential setup for German language studies, while there are many language centers in your city, what sets our academy apart is our adherence to the ancient and authentic Gurukulam educational approach Following ancient traditions, students reside and study in the same place, enjoying a supportive atmosphere with all essentials provided.

    Welcome to Visib Homely German Language Academy, which is located near the Pala bus stop on the way to Thodupuzha, in the peaceful village of Kodumbidi, Kollapalli. Spread across 7 acres of lush greenery, our academy exudes a homely ambiance from the moment you step through the front gate. A mere 100 meters inside, you’ll find our charming building, housing a spacious canteen on the first floor offering delicious meals in a comfortable setting. The academy boasts four well-equipped smart classrooms with projectors and sound systems, ensuring an immersive learning experience. For students’ convenience and security, separate accommodations are provided for boys and girls within the campus premises, complete with attached bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, students have access to a dedicated study area under the guidance of our experienced faculty members, ensuring a conducive environment for learning. With facilities including lifts and round-the-clock security, our academy is designed to provide students with a safe, comfortable, and enriching Gurukulam experience. Enjoy the abundance of fresh air and natural sunlight that blesses our picturesque location, making it an ideal setting for immersive language education.

    Welcome to Alpha Maria Academy, where modern comforts meet traditional values in the heart of nature’s abundance. Situated in the Serene Kozikode, Wayanad, just 20km from the stunning Kunnamangalam lies Alpha Maria Academy for German Language. Located within the grounds of Navajyothi Public School and Church, this four-story building offers new and modern facilities. Each room boasts brand-new wooden furniture including beds and shelves, ensuring individual comfort and convenience. Under the auspices of the Thamarassery Diocese, the academy is overseen by Father Aneesh Mathew Pulichamakkal. Alpha Maria Academy has a track record of successfully managing an IAS academy and is furnished with advanced classrooms. In the style of a Gurukulam, students live and learn on the same residential campus. This brand-new structure, surrounded by lush flora, is evidence of outstanding education and peaceful living provided by the Thamarassery Diocese and Father.

    Located in Kaloor, Zenesty Academy for German Language offers top-notch education with a team of highly skilled German language professionals. Our academic curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure comprehensive learning. Equipped with advanced smart classrooms, students experience interactive and engaging lessons. Our external hostels ensure a comfortable stay with timely availability of food. At Zenesty Academy, we prioritize excellence in education while providing a supportive and convenient learning environment for our students.

    A1, A2, B1, B2 with a duration 1.5 months each for A1 and A2. 2 &3 months for B1 AND B2 respectively. After B2 completion Admission process starts.

    Under the brand name The Christ Edu, Zenesty Triumphs International Educational Consultancy Private Limited functions as the admission partner for additional procedures. The consulting firm provides a wide range of international educational services. Its corporate headquarters is located at Jacobs DD Mall, MG Road, Kochi. Its head office is in England, UK, and their German office is in Berlin. With a staff that is committed to offering excellent service and a wealth of knowledge, the company is led by professionals in the field of education.

    Students receive individual counselling sessions from qualified educational specialists at The Zenesty Triumphs International. In addition to helping students with the preparation of Statements of Purpose (SOP) and other documentation procedures, the firm established special partnerships with banks to expedite loan arrangements.

    Moreover, The Christ Edu extends its services beyond German language education, offering assistance with MBBS programs in countries such as Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, at a reduced service charge compared to other organizations.

    For aspiring students seeking education abroad, The Christ Edu provides support for free education in German public universities with minimal service charges. The consultancy focuses on facilitating education opportunities in Germany, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, France, and Malta.

    Furthermore, The Christ Edu offers a plethora of services including German Ausbildung Application assistance, translation, attestation, equalization, legalization of documents, visa documentation support, interview training, VFS appointment assistance, APS verification assistance, airport pickup, accommodation assistance, and 100% loan assistance. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, The Christ Edu is the premier destination for students seeking education abroad.