About Us

As an international education consultancy, Zenesty Triumphs International Private Limited offers a wide range of educational services across the globe. Its corporate headquarters is located at Jacobs DD Mall, MG Road, Kochi. Its head office is in England, UK, and their German office is in Berlin. With a group of committed staff and an abundance of expertise, the company is led by professionals in education

At The Zenesty Triumphs International, qualified educational specialists provide one-on-one counselling sessions to students.Furthermore, the company built special relationships with banks to expedite loan arrangements as well as help students prepare their Statement of Purpose (SOP) and other documentation processes.

In addition, Zenesty Triumphs International provides assistance with MBBS programs in countries such as Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan at a reduced service charge.

Zenesty Triumphs International promotes free education in German public institutions with low service fees for prospective international students.It helps in the provision of learning opportunities in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, France and Malta.

Also, Zenesty Triumphs International provides an extensive range of services, such as help with the German Ausbildung Application, translation, attestation, equalisation, and legalisation of documents; support for visa documentation; interview training; assistance with VFS appointments; assistance with APS verification; airport pickup; assistance with lodging; and 100% loan assistance. 

Zenesty Triumphs International is the top choice for students looking to study abroad because of its solid track record of success and dedication to quality.

Team Member


Mr. Saju Paul

Chairman & Managing Director

Zenesty Triumphs International was founded by Mr. Saju Paul, a respected leader and mentor in the multinational industry. With leadership roles at some of the world’s biggest names such as BP, Shell, BPCL, and JM, as well as an additional master’s from Georgia University in Engineering, Mr. Paul is the perfect mentor for those seeking guidance in the fields of engineering and business management. He is also approved by the British Council as an educational consultant, ensuring that Zenesty Triumphs International provides quality education to its clients.

Dr Benny Kuriakose

Director – Finance & Language Academy

Dr Benny Kuriakose is renowned for his expertise in educational leadership and research. His thirty years of experience as a college principal and a PhD from Jiwaji University are testament to his commitment and dedication to excellence in academia. Mr Kuriakose is highly respected among his students due to his teaching abilities, knowledge, and wisdom.

Mr. John KJ


Mr John KJ is an accomplished business strategist with more than 20 years of experience in the financial and education sectors. He is passionate about creating and deploying innovative solutions to help businesses succeed. His unique referral system is tried and tested, driving tremendous results. Get in touch with him to take your business to the next level!

Mr. Sachin John

Director – Zenesty Tours & Travels, UK

Mr Sachin John is an experienced education services provider who has been helping students pursue their dreams of studying abroad. With over 13 years of experience in engineering and multinational companies, he has been approved by the British Council for accreditation. His expertise helps guide students through the various paths of higher education across the globe, offering assistance throughout the entire process.Our core focus lies in assisting aspiring students to settle into a new educational environment and guide them through challenging processes like application procedures, visa formalities etc.

Mr. Levin Paul Saju

Director - International Affairs, UK

Mr Levin Saju Paul is a British citizen with a master’s in pharmaceutical science and an experienced UK education trainer, motivational speaker, and program coordinator. He offers cutting-edge knowledge and effective strategies for inspiring actions. His programs strive to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Mr Levin has been featured in multiple media outlets and is highly sought after for his expertise.

Mrs. Jessy Paul

Director – Administration

Mrs. Jessy Paul is a postgraduate in Computer Applications and a graduate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. She has expertise in data analysis, software development, programming languages, artificial intelligence (AI), computing algorithms, machine learning, and cybersecurity. She attended prestigious institutions such as St. Teresa’s Mysore, Nirmalagiri college Kuthuparamba and Patna Women’s college Patna for her education in computer science related fields.With 15+ years of experience, she is well-versed in providing guidance throughout the entire study process, from application to graduation.