Gurukulam Model German Language Accademy

As you know, there are many German learning centers in and around your city. But what makes our language courses special is that we follow the ancient, sacred and authentic Gurukul model for education
Our Gurukulam program is carefully crafted and maintained by educational experts with over 25 years of hands-on experience to ensure its authenticity and quality. In this century still has the power to bring all the students in a residential setup where they can study and stay in the same place. With all the necessary things with a good living atmosphere. With 24/7 guidance from experienced Language Faculties, students can focus solely on their studies, free from worries about food, accommodation, or travel. Our program provides both emotional and educational support for children, while keeping them safe. We respect tradition and embrace modern education while providing a challenging, stress-free learning environment.
Learn German in your city with a gurukula-based residential program. We follow the classical Gurukulam style of teaching, however, which makes our curriculum unique. Our community allows students to live and learn together and offers all of the facilities they might need

Visib Homely German Language Academy

Welcome to Visib Homely German Language Academy, which is located near the Pala bus stop on the way to Thodupuzha, in the peaceful village of Kodumbidi, Kollapalli. Spread across 7 acres of lush greenery, our academy exudes a homely ambiance from the moment you step through the front gate. 

Just 100 meters inside the gate is our charming building, which houses a spacious canteen. In the canteen, you can enjoy delicious meals in a comfortable setting. We have four smart classrooms with projectors and sound systems that provide an immersive learning environment. There are separate dormitories on campus for boys and girls to ensure convenience and safety. These accommodations include a bedroom and attached bathroom. Our experienced faculty members guide students in dedicated learning environments, and provide a conducive environment for learning.
To provide our students with a secure, cosy, and instructive experience, Gurukulam provides a range of facilities. Our amenities include round-the-clock security and a lift.We think that an atmosphere with lots of natural light and fresh air is ideal for language immersion learning.

Alpha Maria Academy

Welcome to Alpha Maria Academy, where modern comforts meet traditional values in the heart of nature’s abundance. Situated in the Serene Kozikoze, Wayanad, just 20km from the stunning Kunnamangalam lies Alpha Maria Academy for German Language. Located within the grounds of Navajyothi Public School and Church, this four-story building offers new and modern facilities. Each room boasts brand-new wooden furniture including beds and shelves, ensuring individual comfort and convenience. Under the auspices of the Thamarassery Diocese, the academy is overseen by Father Aneesh Mathew Pulichamakkal. Alpha Maria Academy has a track record of successfully managing an IAS academy and is furnished with advanced classrooms. In the style of a Gurukulam, students live and learn on the same residential campus. This brand-new structure, surrounded by lush flora, is evidence of outstanding education and peaceful living provided by the Thamarassery Diocese and Father.

Zenesty Academy for German Language

The teaching of German at Genesty Academy in Kaloor is noteworthy. Our well-designed curriculum and the highly skilled language professionals that teach our programme ensure academic excellence. Our state-of-the-art smart classrooms enable students to learn in an interactive and fun way In addition, we offer comfortable outdoor lodges for accommodation and prompt food delivery services to make your stay with us more convenient. Our flexible and inspiring learning environment offers great value for academic achievement.
The duration of A1 and A2 levels is 1.5 months each, while B1 and B2 levels take 2 and 3 months, respectively. After completing B2 level, students can begin the admissions procedure.

Also, Zenesty Triumphs International provides an extensive range of services, such as help with the German Ausbildung Application, translation, attestation, equalisation, and legalisation of documents; support for visa documentation; interview training; assistance with VFS appointments; assistance with APS verification; airport pickup; assistance with lodging; and 100% loan assistance. 

Zenesty Triumphs International is the top choice for students looking to study abroad because of its solid track record of success and dedication to quality.