Welcome to Study in France

    What comes to mind when France is mentioned? Its incredible heritage, the flavorful cuisine,and an ubiquitous sense of refinement and stylishness undoubtedly. French is appreciated and celebrated all over the world for its stunning landscapes, dynamic architecture and iconic landmarks of the world like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. France is the fine blend of the cultured and contemporary. From the thrilling streets of Paris and tranquil fields of Provence this country is loved millions of people because of its beauty and the charm.

    Why study in France

    Studying in France includes not only a reputation of a renowned education but also an opportunity to discover new diverse culture. Known for its elite universities with excellent research possibilities and emphasis on the scholarship, France becomes the desirable place for the students to study. In this achievers’ world, the French institutions due to their respect to humanity, interest for creativity and wisdom, still remain resilient


    Universities in France typically offer two main courses for international students: fall term that begins in September and the summer term, which begins in January except for these two terms, some programs may have different schools beginning dates or changes regarding term dates. Among other things, applicants need to be mindful of application deadlines for their selected programs and schedule their studies planet accordingly.

    Cost of education

    France is thought to be cheap concerning higher education because most of the tuition fees at public universities are relatively cheap compared to those in other countries plus most of the courses are taught in the English language and offer an excellent experience to international students who can raise as they could go up again. Therefore, students should investigate about the tuition fees and budget accordingly depending on the particular university and the course. Besides, Financial aid and scholarships for eligible students are the other sources.

    Cost of Living

    Except the tuition may be affordable, the cost of living must be, as well, taken into consideration by the international students. For example, expenses including accommodation, transportation, meals, and pleasures activities will fluctuate in accordance with the city under consideration and the lifestyle alternatives that are available. Prices are usually lower in small towns and cities compared to the major cities in Europe like Paris. Thanks to good budgeting and the availability of some cheap options, students can have a satisfying life evenwhile pursuing their high studies in France.

    Top Ranked Universities

    • Montpellier Business School, Montpellier
    • Paris School of Business, Paris
    • HEC Paris, Valence
    • Neoma Business School, Paris
    • EDHEC Business School, Lille

    Work rights and stay back

    International students studying in France have the possibility of securing part-time work that provides them with a new type of experience and brings even more money to their income. After this, they receive a post-secondary, post-study placement work visa and they will be able to use this educated labor to contribute to the French economy and labor market. Hence, the country encourages giving capabilities to graduates by giving them job opportunities to build their future